Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Civil Rights Fast begins Second Week

Alan Bounville has lost 14 pounds in his first week of the fast for LGBT Civil Rights.

In this first week of his fast for LGBT Civil Rights, Alan Bounville has lost 14 pounds, according to a news release issued last night. "Under a doctor’s care, Alan is watchful and cautious with his energy. Iana Di Bona is managing their personal needs and assisting in the overall conservation of energy. A group of people are assisting in distributing information, posting videos and accompanying Alan and Iana to their events," read the statement issued by Zoe Nicholson.

Mr. Bounville began his fast on Election Day, Nov. 2. For a period of 36 days before the fast even began, he and other LGBT activists were requesting that all LGBTQIA people to work locally with their own Senators and Representatives to lobby for the introduction of the American Equality Bill. The American Equality Bill is a landmark piece of draft legislation, which if filed and passed, would amend civil rights laws of the United States by adding ''sexual orientation'' and ''gender identity'' into the Civil Rights Act of 1964. People in PA, CA, FL, OH are already on board with asking their local Congressional Representatives to introduce the American Equality Bill.

In the news release issued last night, Ms. Di Bona included a public statement : "In this second week of the Civil Rights Fast, we hope that more voices will continue to rise and demand equality."

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