Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Travis County Marriage Equality Sit-In

A sit-in took place on Valentine's Day at the Travis County Clerks Office for equal marriage rights while the Travis County Clerk looks on in support (woman in red suit). The three women, who engaged in the sit-in, were identified to be Brittney Tovar, left, Tiffani Bishop, center, and Iana Di Bona, right.

GetEqualTX along with the First Unitarian Church and the Occupy Austin OccuQueers staged a protest on February 14, 2012 at the Travis County Clerk's Office. Same-sex couples attempted to get marriage licenses, and then some got married outside.

Watch as the three GetEqual activists are arrested and lead away into police custody :

More and more, LGBT civil rights activists are organising into a mass, grassroots movement for equality.

GetEqualTX: http://www.getequaltx.org/
First Unitarian Church of Austin: http://austinuu.org/
Occupy Austin: http://occupyaustin.org/

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