Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vigil for Joseph Michael Harris

Vigil held for Joseph Michael Harris

During his Into The Light Walk across America, Alan Bounville held a vigil in near Tokeland, Washington, for Joseph Michael Harris (September 1, 1987 - May 30, 2011), who took his own life on May 30.

Mr. Bounville reported that Mr. Harris was a victim of much harassment while he was growing up in the area around Tokeland.

At the vigil, Mr. Bounville was joined by Mike Harris and Sabina Harris, the younger Mr. Harris' parents. Mrs. Harris said about her son's death : the world is a lot less fabulous with the younger Mr. Harris in it.

During his walk across America, Mr. Bounville is holding numerous candlelight vigils at the specific places where people have been murdered or have taken their own lives due to gender expression/identity discrimination or bias.

During the journey, the Into the Light Walk is asking for donations that will cover basic expenses. And, 10% of every dollar raised will go directly to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, whose mission is in line with that of this walk -- to end gender discrimination.

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