Sunday, May 13, 2012

Obama Marriage Equality Reaction

Facebook LGBT Reaction To President Barack Obama's Marriage Equality ''Evolution''

Following is the Facebook ''status update'' posted by LGBT civil rights activist Tiffani Equality Bishop, which deftly addresses the commonly-shared disappointment in President Obama's recently announced support for marriage equality :

Am I appreciative of Obama's partial evolution on marriage equality? YES

Am I also incredibly disgusted that he went to NC on April 24 and took millions of LGBT dollars without even mentioning Amendment 1 once? YES

Am I also incredibly disgusted that the DNC and OFA did not send one email, one volunteer, or even one penny to help defeat Amendment 1 in NC all while taking millions of dollars from our community? YES

Am I frustrated that he still thinks it is a states rights issue and not a human rights issue? YES

Am I frustrated that he still believes only section 3 of DOMA and not all of DOMA should be repealed? YES

So has he really evolved like people say? I see this as a partial "evolution"...he still has some "evolving" to do.

So please excuse me for feeling a little slapped in the face when our POTUS chooses to evolve on marriage (partially anyway) the day after the harshest anti-LGBT marriage amendment passed in NC while he and his administration did absolutely NOTHING to help defeat it...not even a pretty speech. Am I glad he came out, yes. But his timing was disrespectful and severely lacked any tact.

What I have a hard time understanding though, is the reaction from our community. He still hasn't completely evolved, and his partial evolution does not make us any more equal. I have a hard time understanding why people were crying and celebrating and throwing money at him over this. Words may make us feel good for a minute, but at the end of the day we're still unequal and his actions aren't backing up his words.

If he means it, he'll put his money where his mouth is. He'll sign the ENDA Executive Order on his desk, and he'll stop the deportations of same-sex binational partners...and he'll do it BEFORE the election.

If his actions don't back it up, then it really doesn't mean anything. It just means he is pandering to our community, throwing us crumbs, and using us as election tokens.

The integrity of Ms. Bishop's response to President Obama's ''partial evolution'' on marriage equality can be affirmed by reading published editorials, like this one, printed by The Philadelphia Inquirer : ''A huge step but no real action : While Obama's support for same-sex marriage is a landmark, he left the question up to each state.'' Ms. Bishop is a leading LGBT civil rights activist in the United States. She is lives in Texas. This post was reprinted in its entirety from a post made on Facebook.

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