Sunday, May 27, 2012

Presidential Debate On LGBT Equality

Meeting LGBT pour l'égalité

Let us have an LGBT Equality Form amongst 2012 U.S. presidential candidates, the way that they had one in France. Let's put forth LGBT equality as the subject of a solely dedicated presidential debate.

After French President Nicholas Sarkozy did nothing to make French LGBT citizens to have equal rights under the law, LGBT activists organised a presidential debate in France. This ''Meeting LGBT pour l'égalité'' took place on March 31.

LGBT activists thought that it was a good idea to put directly before presidential candidates the community's demand for equality. Activists say that voters should be able to select a candidate, who will fight against discrimination and finally deliver equality to all of the country's citizens.

Let's do the same here in the United States : let's organise and invite President Barack Obama and GOP nominee-designate Mitt Ronmey to a presidential debate, so that activists and voters can question these candidates about LGBT civil rights.

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